Peer-Reviewed Articles

‘Beckett in the Dock: Censorship, Biopolitics, and the Sinclair Trial’, Estudios Irlandeses – Journal of Irish Studies ‘Samuel Beckett and Biopolitics’ Special Issue, 14.2 (November 2019), 21-37.

‘“Sterilization of the mind and apotheosis of the litter”: Beckett, Censorship, and Fertility’, Review of English Studies, 69.290 (June 2018), 546-64.

‘A Portrait of the Chief as a General Paralytic: Rhetorics of Sexual Pathology in the Parnell Split’, Irish Studies Review, 25.4 (2017), 472-92.

‘(Il)legal Deposits: Ulysses and the Copyright Libraries’, The Library, 18.2 (June 2017), 131-51.

‘Towards a History of the Phi Collection’, Bodleian Library Record, 28.2 (October 2015), 179-94.

Book Chapters

‘“Veni, V.D., Vici”: Flann O’Brien, Sexual Health, and the Literature of Exhaustion’ in Ruben Borg and Paul Fagan, eds. Flann O’Brien: Gallows Humour (Cork: Cork University Press, 2020), 146-62.

‘Dear Dr Kirkpatrick: Recovering Irish Experiences of VD, 1924-47’ in Anne R. Hanley and Jessica Meyer, eds. Patient Voices in Britain, 1840-1948: Historical and Policy Perspectives (Manchester University Press, 2021), 255-298.

‘Survival of the Unfittest: Synge, Yeats, and the Rhetoric of Health’ in Paul Fagan, John Greaney, and Tamara Radak, eds. Irish Modernisms: Gaps, Conjectures, Possibilities (Bloomsbury, 2021), 115-28.

Reviews and Reports

‘Science, Technology, and Irish Modernism (Review)’, International Yeats Studies, 5.1 (April 2021), 71-78.

Ulysses in West Britain: Joyce’s Dublin and Dubliners’ (Review)’, Irish Studies Review (Published Online, 02 February 2021).

Joyce’s Non-Fiction Writings: “Outside his Jurisfiction” (Review)’, James Joyce Quarterly, 56.3-4 (Spring-Summer 2019), 448-51.

‘Non-Binary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity (Review)’, Times Literary Supplement (28 June 2019), 30.

Silence in Modern Irish Literature (Review)’, International Yeats Studies, 2.2 (May 2018), 69-73.

‘Irish Modernism(s): Gaps, Conjectures, Possibilities’, The Parish Review, 4.1 (Spring 2018), 69-74.

Joyce in Court: James Joyce and the Law (Review)’, James Joyce Broadsheet, 108 (October 2017), 2.

The Private Case: A Supplement (Review)’, Times Literary Supplement (15 September 2017), 30.

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